Servers and Software

During December 2012, Servers and Software may be unavailable as we migrate to Amazon Web Services and public code repositories.



  • HAC Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering for a large-scale network data.

Servers and software (in migration)

  • Capture/recapture server Bayesian estimates of false-positive and false-negative rates for two-hybrid protein interaction screens
  • Flynet Local searches of the Drosophila protein interaction network
  • Time-vs-Money Server Optimize your time-vs-money for genome synthesis. See the course notes, Build-a-Genome time and money.
  • CloneQC Sequence verification for synthetic biology, with BSD-licensed source code and (save with indicated filenames; sample input available from server)
  • GWiS Gene-Wide Significance (GWiS): a new gene-based test of association. current release
  • HapZipper Compression Scheme for HapMap Phase III Phased Data
  • Download NeMo the Network Module identification plugin for cytoscape.
  • CloneStudio: Visualization for synthetic biology quality control
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